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Please contact me and I will supply the motorcycle owner’s email address, telephone number, and the location where they are being offered for sale. You can discuss the motorcycle directly with the owner. The motorcycles offered are privately owned and are located with the owners. You are buying from the vehicle owners, the motorcycles are only advertised on this website. I do not store them. Please note that I screen for scammers and fraudsters. If you are inquiring about advertised motorcycles I will ask you for a home city and contact telephone number before I give you the seller’s contact information. Please use the Contact form under Contact and please list the motorcycle you are interested in.

Additional Information

Prices are in Canadian (CAD) unless advertised otherwise. Please note that you are buying directly from the owner.  If you have a motorcycle you would like to advertise please use Contact Form to contact Robin for owners information.

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Please read the DISCLAIMER & PRIVACY as I do not guarantee or warranty the motorcycles advertised by their owners on this Web Site. So, check out some of the motorcycles that are advertised for SALE BY THEIR OWNERS. If you are interested in any of these motorcycles please contact me for the owners’ telephone number or e-mail address. Located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Add to your Favorites.


1989 Kawaski Concours          $3000cad

1989 Kawaski Concours $3000cad

 Collector plate eligible touring bike. Recent carbs rebuilt, tires, brakes, fork seals. Ready to go..  All original exhaust, has the factory hard bags as well. Yes, the black plastic fairing liner and bags are sun-bleached but definitely saveable. Shows 38,000klms. I...

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2001 BMW K1200RS               $7500cad

2001 BMW K1200RS $7500cad

Two owners of this local Victoria bike 7,800 original Kms. Lived in a heated garage al its life. Fully serviced every year by the dealership (ALL fluids changed) most recently less than 100 km / three months ago.  Needless to say, it runs and rides 100%. Corbin seat....

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1973 Norton 850cc Interstate      SORRY SOLD

1973 Norton 850cc Interstate SORRY SOLD

SOLD: 1973 850 Interstate,  matching numbers, stock restoration, total engine and trans rebuild, powder coat black frame parts Lucas switches, tail light, turn signals. Wipac headlight, Roadrider Avon tires New rims stainless spokes.  Correct newly rebuilt Smiths...

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1975 Suzuki Titan 500cc     $4000 cad

1975 Suzuki Titan 500cc $4000 cad

The 2-strokes built by Suzuki focused on building reliable, user-friendly motorcycles like the Suzuki T500 Titan. Other 2-strokes screamed but Suzukis' were quiet, made for people who wanted to tour or commute, not a race. The T500cc / five speeds, also known as the...

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1998 Honda Shadow Ace Touring VT1100           SOLD

1998 Honda Shadow Ace Touring VT1100 SOLD

SOLD This bike is an American model that has 15, 600 miles and is in mint condition. Tires are almost new with low miles. See the following web site page for technical features and description Bike...

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1953 Jawa Perak 250cc       $12,500 cad

1953 Jawa Perak 250cc $12,500 cad

The Perak has an interesting history: Developed while under Nazi occupation, strictly against Nazi policy ( was not a war effort machine) the engineers put a fake SS plate on the prototype. When stopped they pointed at the plate and said “ Sssshh! Secret SS project!”....

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1981 Honda C70 Passport             $3000 cad

1981 Honda C70 Passport $3000 cad

The Honda C70, also known as the Passport during some product years, was sold in North America between its roll-out year of 1970 until the 1983-84 model years, To most folks, the Honda C70 is defined as a moped or scooter, rather than a true motorcycle. The product...

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2006 Yamaha VMax Low KM as new $10,000cad

Achieving Musclebike status doesn’t come easy. Keeping it is hard. Keeping it for over 20 years is nothing short of awesome. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Underseat fuel tank helps balance the bike’s weight and provides space for large-capacity airbox located above the...

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1972 Suzuki T 250 Hustler $6000cad

I am not going to waste a lot of space talking about history here. Suzuki built their two-stroke "T"  line by the container-load, so they’re not exactly uncommon. But finding one now, almost four decades later, that hasn’t been beaten up and painted with a wet sponge,...

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Probably the best, most reliable touring bike ever made. The R100RT gave us the touring bike you could walk in and buy off the showroom floor. Before the RT you would have to buy a bike and fit your own aftermarket fairing. BMW created a bike you knew would work,...

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1955 Italian Lambretta scooter / Model 125 LD SORRY SOLD

SOLD This is an original Italian made Lambretta LD, and has, in my opinion the most beautiful lines. Perfectly equilibrated unlike the Vespa which center of gravity is off-line. The scooter is fully restored and has 620 km since restoration.The kick starts is the...

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1968 BMW R60/2 with Steib S500 Sidecar $38,000 Canadian

The R60/ 2 was in fact designed for a Steib sidecar. The suspension is a front and rear swing arm on the bike coupled with a rubber shock & coil springs on the Steib. As a result ride the rig gives a floating sensation yet it is stiff enough for good performance...

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1972 Honda CB750 K2 Price reduced to *** $5000 cad ***

As the first modern four cylinder machine from a mainstream manufacturer, the term Superbike was coined to describe the CB750. The bike offered other important features, both great and small that added to its compelling value: electric starter, kill switch, dual...

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1968 Triumph Bonneville T120R $13,500 cad

Like a great wine, there is always a vintage year where the conditions were just perfect and the wines are at their peak. The same can be said about certain motorcycles, and the 650cc T120 Triumph Bonneville is a particular case in point. Ask any Triumph enthusiast...

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1954 Norton Dominator Model 7 Sorry I am Sold

    This is the second year with swing arm rear suspension and telescopic shocks. The front end was the now-famous Roadholder forks. This bike was last used 3 years ago and was stored away properly. Easily recommissioned to get it back on the road again or...

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2003 Kawasaki ZR7S – 750 four cylinder $2850 cad

The striking ZR-7S has the same appeal but at a more affordable price and reduced dry weight. Its air-cooled 738cc DOHC In-Line Four engine offers terrific smoothness and response, while the two-up seating, half-fairing make the ZR-7S as versatile as it is spirited....

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Built-in the Spirit of the ACE Cafe. Total restoration from a matching numbers 850cc Commando. Professional Appraisal is available. Located in Calgary and is titled in the seller's name with a valid Alberta title of ownership...

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1977 Yamaha RD 400 $5800 cad

For the Queen's Jubilee year (not that the Japanese cared), Yamaha fitted the first-ever cast wheels seen on a production machine. A new seat cowling was also added to make sure RD  nationwide could celebrate continuing attention at MC shows. Shows 14500 Kms on...

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1969 Norton Fast Back 750cc $14,000 cad

Norton Commando Engine #,  20m3 130379/P and Frame # 130379.  Totally rebuilt from the ground up. rims, spokes, fork tubes, tires. New bars and levers, speedo and tach rebuilt new Shocks, new fenders, new seat. All cycle parts reconditioned, Cad plated, Re-chromed or...

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1953 Ariel SQ4 Model 4G 1000 Wedgewood Blue $28,000

The magnificent Squariel! This one-litre engine was, in effect, two overhead-valve parallel twins standing vertically, with the two crankshafts geared together and all four cylinders fed by a single carburettor. In 1953, the ‘four pipe’ 997 cc Ariel Square Four Mk II...

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1957 Harley Davidson Sportster 1st Year $32,000 cdn

The Harley-Davidson Sportster was introduced in 1957 as a competitor for the high-performance bikes being produced by the British that were selling in the United States in huge numbers. The Sportster was one of the first Harley-Davidsons to be fitted with...

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1958 Matchless G80 CS Replica $7500 cdn

It is a replica of a 1958 G-80 CS - albeit built up from authentic Matchless/AJS parts by a former machinist at the AMC factory in East London after it shut down in the 1960s. This information was declared and all the relevant information to ICBC ( British Columbia...

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1975 Suzuki GT380M $5900 cdn

Two-stroke engines are rare in new motorcycles today, back in 1972 the Suzuki GT380 was one of a handful of two-strokes sitting on the sales floor at your local Suzuki dealership. The younger sibling of Suzuki’s landmark water-cooled GT750 “Water Buffalo” (introduced...

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1961 BSA A10 Golden Flash $9800 cdn

The 1950-1961 BSA A10 Golden Flash is a retro naked bike and is powered by a 646cc parallel twin engine which puts out 35bhp. It's related to the Road Rocket but they are quite rare now and seen as investments. The first BSA A10 to be introduced in 1950 was the BSA...

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1977 Triumph Silver Jubilee Special Edition $8000 cdn

 Originally the plan was to manufacture a total of 1,000 units for the home market to honour the Queen, but they sold so easily that the factory quickly produced another 1,000 bikes for the American market, then roughly another 400 for general export worldwide. The...

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1964 Triumph T120C $10,000 cdn

 The current owner bought this bike about 10 years ago as a project. Both the frame and engine number indicate bike is a T120C from 1964 but the numbers do not match. He chose to restore it as a T120C (TT competition bike and not streetable) basically because he had...

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1954 Triumph T110 $7500

1954 T110 in summary. 1954 was the first year for a T110...aside from little stuff, the only 1954 parts remaining on the bike are the frame, transmission, gas tank, chainguard, oil tank, battery cover and the factory air cleaner. One of the most problematic aspects to...

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Cozy Sidecars Inquire for models available and pricing

SportMax is a North American sidecar distributor. Sidecars are a fast-growing industry and we currently have many dealers throughout Canada and the United States. In this day of sky-high gas prices, the motorcycle with a sidecar has become a very inexpensive way to...

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1982 Honda CX500 Turbo $5000

Today’s 1982 Honda CX500 Turbo is earning collector interest seeing as it a bike of firsts for Honda Café clad and equipped with jazz hand three-spoke wheels, the CX500 Turbo was not just Honda’s first forced-air production machine, but also its first road bike with...

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