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Site Update June 2023.    

Greetings all and welcome to the site.

Hope you are all getting out and enjoying this great riding weather. Just a reminder, that as of August 1st, 2023  www.robinsclassicmotorcycles.com  will henceforth be known as www.timeless-moto.com. This should be enough time for people to get accustomed to the name and for me to set up appropriate hash tags, links, etc, but if you forget the new name or out of habit enter www.robinsclassicmotorcycles.com don’t despair – it should automatically switch to the new site. But just in case there are any glitches, please bear with me during the transition period.

Moving forward, this site will no longer be limited to just classic bikes, but any bikes or vehicles for that matter that are deemed to qualify as a timeless design. Cheers! Norm


BUYERS – Please contact me and provide your phone number and home City and I will then supply the motorcycle owner’s email address, telephone number. You can then discuss the motorcycle directly with the owner. The motorcycles offered are privately owned and are located with the owners. You are buying from the vehicle owners, the motorcycles are only advertised on this website. I do not store them. Please note that I screen for scammers and fraudsters. Please read the DISCLAIMER & PRIVACY as I do not guarantee or warrantee the motorcycles advertised by their owners on this Web Site.


SELLERS – What defines a classic? Motorcycles that are over 20 years old and in near-original condition are considered classic motorcycles. If you have a motorcycle you would like to advertise please email Norm with the details, including 5  good photos of the bike in jpeg format, front, back, top, and each side. Good photos will help sell your bike. Please take photos on overcast days to avoid shadows which can block details of the bike, and ensure there are no distractions such as people, cars, garbage cans, etc in the background. Also, please include several paragraphs about the bike including history, features, improvements, issues, location and price, along with your name, City and phone number. A commission of 5% of the selling price to a maximum of $1000 is charged only if and when the vehicle sells.


Prices are in Canadian (CAD) unless advertised otherwise. 

Did you know?  We can also help with pickup and delivery, crating, Domestic and International shipping and collection liquidation.

Contact Me: norm@robinsclassicmotorcycles.com

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