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Update, March 14, 2020


Please contact me and I will supply the motorcycle owner’s email address, telephone number, and the location where they are being offered for sale. You can discuss the motorcycle directly with the owner. The motorcycles offered are privately owned and are located with the owners. You are buying from the vehicle owners, the motorcycles are only advertised on this website. I do not store them. Please note that I screen for scammers and fraudsters. If you are inquiring about advertised motorcycles I will ask you for a home city and contact telephone number before I give you the seller’s contact information. Please use the Contact form under Contact and please list the motorcycle you are interested in.

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Prices are in Canadian (CAD) unless advertised otherwise. Please note that you are buying directly from the owner.  If you have a motorcycle you would like to advertise please use Contact Form to contact Robin for owners information.

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Please read the DISCLAIMER & PRIVACY: as I do not guarantee or warranty the motorcycles advertised by their owners on this Web Site. So, check out some of the motorcycles that are advertised for SALE BY THEIR OWNERS. If you are interested in any of these motorcycles please contact me for the owners’ telephone number or e-mail address. Located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Add to your Favorites.


1979 Honda CBX Super Sport          $12,000cad

1979 Honda CBX Super Sport $12,000cad

This first-year 1979 Honda CBX is the original “super” bike. While amazing, the CBX wasn’t Honda’s first 6-cylinder motorcycle. The CBX was the most sophisticated and the fastest motorcycle in the world when Honda debuted it in 1978. With four valves per cylinder and...

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1972 Kawasaki Mach 111 500 H1b        $12,000cad

1972 Kawasaki Mach 111 500 H1b $12,000cad

    The Mach III H1 500  has been of great interest to collectors and historians of motorcycles, often appearing on lists of most significant motorcycles. The H1 was included in the Guggenheim Museum's 1999 The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition in New York, Chicago,...

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1979 Suzuki  A100            $2000cad

1979 Suzuki A100 $2000cad

The Suzuki A100 was a staple of the A-series and a very pretty little commuter. Manufactured from 1967 and at least until 1976, may it's still being produced in some Asian or South-East Asian areas such as Indonesia. Brakes are adequate by contemporary standards....

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1975 Rickman-Honda CR750          $16,000 cad

1975 Rickman-Honda CR750 $16,000 cad

The Rickman-Honda CR750 was in many ways a better machine than the factory Honda racer and it certainly handled better than anything else on road or track in 1975. This machine, in stunning Daytona Orange paint that will leave no doubt in the mind that this is a...

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1973 BMW R90S    $15,000 cad

1973 BMW R90S $15,000 cad

The R90S featured two-tone paintwork, a bikini headlight fairing, and a seat with ducktail bodywork which doubled as a storage space for small items. This example has been refinished in Smoke Black with pearl white accents. The air-cooled 898cc Type 247 boxer twin was...

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1953 Jawa Perak 250cc      $9,000 cad

1953 Jawa Perak 250cc $9,000 cad

The Perak has an interesting history: Developed while under Nazi occupation, strictly against Nazi policy ( was not a war effort machine) the engineers put a fake SS plate on the prototype. When stopped they pointed at the plate and said “ Sssshh! Secret SS project!”....

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2006 Yamaha VMax Low KM as new $10,000cad

Achieving Musclebike status doesn’t come easy. Keeping it is hard. Keeping it for over 20 years is nothing short of awesome. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Underseat fuel tank helps balance the bike’s weight and provides space for large-capacity airbox located above the...

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1972 Suzuki T 250 Hustler $6000cad

I am not going to waste a lot of space talking about history here. Suzuki built their two-stroke "T"  line by the container-load, so they’re not exactly uncommon. But finding one now, almost four decades later, that hasn’t been beaten up and painted with a wet sponge,...

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1968 BMW R60/2 with Steib S500 Sidecar $38,000 Canadian

The R60/ 2 was in fact designed for a Steib sidecar. The suspension is a front and rear swing arm on the bike coupled with a rubber shock & coil springs on the Steib. As a result ride the rig gives a floating sensation yet it is stiff enough for good performance...

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1977 Yamaha RD 400 $5800 cad

For the Queen's Jubilee year (not that the Japanese cared), Yamaha fitted the first-ever cast wheels seen on a production machine. A new seat cowling was also added to make sure RD  nationwide could celebrate continuing attention at MC shows. Shows 14500 Kms on...

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1975 Suzuki GT380M *** $4900 cad ***

Two-stroke engines are rare in new motorcycles today, back in 1972 the Suzuki GT380 was one of a handful of two-strokes sitting on the sales floor at your local Suzuki dealership. The younger sibling of Suzuki’s landmark water-cooled GT750 “Water Buffalo” (introduced...

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1961 BSA A10 Golden Flash *** $7900 cad***

The 1950-1961 BSA A10 Golden Flash is a retro naked bike and is powered by a 646cc parallel twin engine which puts out 35bhp. It's related to the Road Rocket but they are quite rare now and seen as investments. The first BSA A10 to be introduced in 1950 was the BSA...

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1964 Triumph T120C $10,000 cad

 The current owner bought this bike about 10 years ago as a project. Both the frame and engine number indicate bike is a T120C from 1964 but the numbers do not match. He chose to restore it as a T120C (TT competition bike and not streetable) basically because he had...

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1954 Triumph T110 $7500

1954 T110 in summary. 1954 was the first year for a T110...aside from little stuff, the only 1954 parts remaining on the bike are the frame, transmission, gas tank, chainguard, oil tank, battery cover and the factory air cleaner. One of the most problematic aspects to...

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Cozy Sidecars Inquire for models available and pricing

SportMax is a North American sidecar distributor. Sidecars are a fast-growing industry and we currently have many dealers throughout Canada and the United States. In this day of sky-high gas prices, the motorcycle with a sidecar has become a very inexpensive way to...

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