The 597cc featherbed framed Model 99 Dominator was introduced in 1956, as a larger capacity version alongside the 500 cc Model 88 version.[3] Due to the increased engine capacity, the 99 had a power output of 31 bhp, partly due also to a higher compression ratio possible with the alloy head introduced a year earlier. Full width alloy hubs with improved brakes had also been introduced a year earlier. From 1960, the featherbed frame for all Dominators was altered (slimline) so that the frame tubes in front of the seat were narrower, for improved rider comfort .The Dominator came up from Virginia a number of years ago and was completely restored in Victoria BC in 2009. The quality of paint, craftsmanship in this restoration is amazing. Voted 2nd place in Pre-Commandos at INOA Rally 2009. Norton is located in Summerland BC and the owner will crate in a steel crate for $150 and transport to Vancouver for $50 to a shipper if required.
e results were worth it.

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