Here is a rare bird, a 1963 CA92 Honda 125 twin with electric start.

The model that bought us that most famous of names, The Benly! The CA92 was heavily influenced by Sohichiro Honda’s fact finding mission to the more successful motorcycle manufacturers in Europe and Great Britain. He chose the NSU format over alternative, rather dated designs from Great Britain and Italy, who’s glory day’s of motorcycle production were already faltering due to a lack of investment, poor quality control standards and antiquated production line and manufacturing systems.

When launched in 1959, the world had never seen an overhead cam twin cylinder production motorcycle of just 125cc, let alone one with push button starting! As if all that was not enough, the engine produced 11.5bhp at an unheard of 9500 rpm!
It could top 65mph, and as such would happily keep up with general traffic of the day, and was to spawn a line of the greatest quarter litre four stroke twins the world had ever seen.

This bike is an older restoration that starts and runs well, and shows 16,096 miles on the clock which is believed to be correct. The bike is located in Sidney, BC and is offered at $4200.