The BSA Thunderbolt was catalogued in 1964 as the Thunderbolt Rocket and was designed as a touring motorcycle. A traditional air cooled 650 cc twin cylinder with a single large bore Amal Monobloc carburettor, it did not suffer from the same level of vibration as earlier BSA twins and could comfortably cruise at 70 mph (110 km/h). and reached over 100 mph (160 km/h). in road tests, road holding was excellent. For a big bike, weighing 391 lb, it could be cornered with the utmost confidence, in both wet and dry road conditions. Braking was to match, particularly the 8-in front unit, which could always be relied upon to retard one’s progress as rapidly as was mechanically possible. Despite its re-styling, the Thunderbolt is reminiscent of the old BSA Gold Flash with the heavy valance fenders and lots of chrome.

This BSA is a simple and old school technology motorcycle and is very easy to maintain. The engine has been rebuilt correctly. A long list of what was reconditioned that can be available on inquiry. BSA did not have matching numbers until 1967 but the engine and frame number indicated they are both correct for this model and the year. A tachometer is a correct option as indicated by the engine serial number. The bike is registered and titled and the seller’s name and on BC Collector plates

Located in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island