This 1967 Rickman-BSA 441 represents years of development. At the time, most dirt bikes were simply stripped-down street bikes, which were too heavy and not ideal for racing in the dirt. The Rickman’s designed their first frame in 1959, the Rickman Metisse MkI (Mark 1). “Metisse” is a rather unsavory French word for mongrel, and refers to the Rickman frame’s ability to accept almost anyone’s engine. Everything about a Rickman was top-notch. Rickman’s have always been regarded as premium bikes, probably the best MX bike on the market in the 60s and early 70s.

With the BSA 441 round barrel engine
Frame VIN #: 48/1K 1612
Engine Serial #: B44EA – 1732
Rare 1967 BSA 441 Victor Rickman Metisse, BSA victor 441 engine, Metal profiles (England) front forks, excellent running condition, stored indoors year-round.  Appraised in 2019 for$15,000

Located in Calgary Alberta

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