The R60/ 2 was in fact designed for a Steib sidecar. The suspension is a front and rear swing arm on the bike coupled with a rubber shock & coil springs on the Steib. As a result ride the rig gives a floating sensation yet it is stiff enough for good performance on demanding roads. Many collectors feel that the R50/60/69 series of BMWs was the marque’s finest effort ever, and the motorcycle’s strong collectability reflects the esteem in which they are held. the R60/2 came from the factory with sidecar lugs on the frame, meaning nothing has to be hacked or chopped up to give birth to this luxury all-German three-wheeler. There are no better known sidecar manufacturers than the German firm of Steib, whose stylish – and expensive – products enjoy a well-deserved reputation for sound engineering and exemplary build quality. The Steib sidecar and period correct panniers are a natural fit for the R60/2. Both were high end German luxury offerings. The S500 was stylish and plush for its time, which is probably well it looks so good next to the motorcycle

This 1968 BMW R60/2 has been comprehensively restored, and is clean enough to eat from. It’s had a nut-and-bolt restoration, and it comes complete with a gorgeous matching Steib S500 sidecar and Enduro panniers. Motorcycling doesn’t get any more elegant than this.

Bike is located in the greater Vancouver area and is titled in the sellers name.