The first Commando appeared in late 1967, it was not called the Fastback until other Commando models appeared. The early Commandos proved to have weak frames and the design was soon modified with an extra bracing tube to the headstock which solved the problem.This bike has the factory modified frame. Performance cycle in Orangeville in Ontario rebuilt the motor. It was upgraded with the newer superblend main bearings. All parts replaced were stamped with his logo. It was the best quality parts money could buy. The cosmetics was done by a fellow from Woodstock, Ontario who is a serious motorcycle enthusiast. Petrol tank is made of aluminium not fibreglass. The bike is quite stock but a lot of screws have been plated or changed to make it look more appealing. It is a very unique looking machine and gets many compliments everywhere it goes. Same owner for 33 years. It does have matching # on motor, tranny and frame. Serial# 130327. Bike is located in Victoria BC. 

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