Hodaka occupied a unique position in the world of motorcycle manufacturing from about 1963 until 1978 and it still enjoys the kind of loyalty only Studebaker owners can relate to.Based in the tiny Eastern Oregon town of Athena, the company with the Japanese-sounding name was actually owned by Pabatco (Pacific Basin Trading Company), formed to trade Oregon farm products overseas. Hodaka owners have remained fiercely loyal to the brand, however, and the enthusiast community remains as strong and supportive as ever. Hodaka parts remain relatively easy to find as well as the owner’s manuals and parts manuals. Hodaka (Japan) agreed to grant PABATCO an exclusive distributorship for the new bike, and production began in 1964.

The Hodaka is street legal and registered, and currently has a vintage plate ($55.00/yr but more restrictions) which unlike a collector plate transfers with the bike. It is all original but was taken all apart and repainted last winter. Some of the chrome was pretty bad including the gas tank so they were painted rather than re-chroming which is absurdly expensive.  It currently has the small street rear sprocket but comes with a large  sprocket as well for trail riding. It has pretty amazing power for a 100.  The headlamp is incorrect but it does work. Also the tires should be replaced.

The owner of the bike also owns the 1979 Suzuki A100 on the web site and would sell both as a pair for $3200  Bike (s) is in the lower Fraser Valley but can deliver to Vancouver Island.


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