The late Sixties were tough times for the British motorcycle industry. Buyouts and mergers were happening left and right, along with the Japanese invasions. The Norton Commando became one of the most successful motorcycles ever produced in Britain. Best known are the Roadster and Interstate models, the Roadster model started in 1971 until production ceased in 1975. The Commando was popular all over the world. In the United Kingdom it won the Motor Cycle News “Machine of the Year” award for five successive years from 1968-1972. The fact that you’re even considering buying an old Commando means that you’re probably not afraid of a little oil, a little work and a little bit of character in your motorcycle. At the end of the day, when you arrive anywhere on a Norton Commando you’ll find that everyone wants to talk to you, ask you questions and share stories about the old British bike they owned once too.

This 71 Roadster on offer has had a extensive list of mechanical and cosmetic restoration completed. New tires, stainless spokes, carbs replaced, metal side covers and tank, braided fuel lines, many nuts, bolts, washers either replaced with stainless, chromed or polished. Overall excellent condition with 800 miles on top end rebuild and odometer shows 8,800 miles. In sellers name and titled in Manitoba and located in Winnipeg. 

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