Designed around the best pieces developed for the Manx Norton production racer and the Norton Atlas with new concepts like Isolastic driveline mounting, the Norton Commando excelled in every way. It’s also interesting to note just how universal and tough the Commando motor is. The Norton fared well on road racecourses around the world, including the Isle of Man. The late Sixties were a tough time for the British motorcycle industry. Buyouts and mergers were happening left and right, yet despite being the illegitimate child of a shotgun marriage between Associated Motor Cycles and Villiers, the Norton Commando became one of the most successful motorcycles ever produced in Britain. Best known is the Roadster and Interstate models, built starting in 1971 until production ceased in 1975. But between the first Fastback Commando of 1968 and the final electric-start bikes of 1975, the factory-built a number of short-run variants that are now highly collectible

Rebuilt and reconditioned from front to back. Nothing left undone or cheaped out on. The suspension has been done front and rear, chroming redone or replaced. New steel tank to replace the original fiberglass one, Motor was completely rebuilt including cleaning out the crank sludge trap, new main and rod bearings and new pistons/rings. New fresh tires, instruments rebuilt, and new wiring harness. This bike was restored by a Norton aficionado who is very skilled and knowledgeable.

Located in Kelowna BC Canada and is titled in the seller’s name