From the mid-Sixties to the mid-Seventies, 2-stroke motorcycles ruled the roost. Kings of the strip and the street, the young men who rode them put up with whisker-wide power bands and a massive thirst for gasoline to get that heart-stopping power. There were exceptions, however, and the exceptions to the wild Sixties 2-strokes were built by Suzuki. While other manufacturers promoted 12-second drag strip times, Suzuki focused on building reliable, user-friendly motorcycles like the Suzuki T500 Titan. Other 2-strokes screamed: Suzukis were quiet, designed for people who wanted to tour or commute, not a race. When it was new, the Titan sold steadily to a loyal following. Now that it has reached classic status, Suzuki’s 500 is conserved by an enthusiastic group of collectors. “The classic Titan epitomizes what makes vintage Japanese motorcycles such a great ride and why people collect them. “This Suzuki is beautiful to look at, fun to ride, and super reliable.

This bike on offer has been reconditioned as required. The engine was rebuilt including new seals in the crank. Runs and rides well and has been used in the last year. Approved for Collector Plates and insurance in BC. Located in Sicamous, BC.

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