The Triumph TRW is a unique machine that has become increasingly coveted in military collector circles in recent years. These 1950’s military Triumphs were never sold to the public when new from the manufacturer, which is a pity because these bikes embody many quintessential elements of antique British motorcycles with their classic lines and recognizably British touches such as the rubber knee pads and Smith’s instrumentation built into the nacelle headlight. This bike so cool with its chipped and weathered military livery and (very) old-school design, but it’s the side-valve 1950’s engine that gives this machine even more character. Even though this bike wouldn’t see the light of day until after WW2, it still possesses a unique and lengthy history that’s tied to the British war effort. While nobody can definitively give a specific number, experts and collectors guesstimate that there are likely hundreds of these storied military scoots in circulation but definitely not thousands with around 16,000 having originally been produced. These are invariably described by their owners as “easy-going”, “fun”, “docile” and “relaxing”. Which pretty much sums them up. They generally start with a gentle prod on the Kickstarter and hum into life and settle into a relaxed lope.
This bike is registered as a 1955 but is actually 1957 according to the serial number. The TRW was probably sold at a Surplus Auction at a Military Base in Canada on a Bill of Sale originally, hence the best guess year when register for road use in BC. The owner will have our Registration people correct the year of the bike to 1957.
Located in Quesnel BC

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