If you like bikes with character, then the CB500T has it in spades. Born in 1975 as an upgraded version of the CB450, which was getting long in the tooth from a technological standpoint, the T offered classic styling and a uniquely retro engine. If you want a truly unusual piece of Honda history, the CB500T is worth considering. They still pop up on the resale market, and are much cheaper than their better-known four-cylinder cousins. Will the 500T leave you breathless? Maybe not but it will get you were you are going on a classic style, reliable machine.

This CB500T only has 6,500 original miles on it and is stock and extremely clean. Repainted from the original brown years ago. New battery, new rectifier/regulator, carbs cleaned and tank lined by the Japanese mechanics at Windbell Motorcycle in North Vancouver. Extremely reliable and have no issues. Comes with all receipts during ownership in the last three years. All original, no aftermarket parts, original pipes, no sun fading on instruments.  It’s got a small (no larget than a penny) rip on the seat, and a ding right in the middle of the front fender (again no larger than a penny) and a scratch on the headlight ring. Other than that it is very clean. CB500T’s are rare and this bike would make an excellent addition for a CB collector. Approved and on BC Collector Plates. located in Vancouver BC.

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