The Laverda Jota model ran from 1976 through to 1982. A stunning example of one of the fastest legendary production bikes of the late 1970s – eminently collectible classic in orange. Series 1, 180-degree crankshaft and with 4C cams. LAVERDA was known to build big and fast bikes and the Jota was considered by many to be the ‘World’s First Superbike’. Producing 90 hp and reaching speeds of 146 mph, thanks to the factory racing parts fitted into the road engine directly at the factory, it was the fastest production motorcycle to date.
The Laverda Jota was, for a brief but golden spell in the late 70s, the most powerful and fastest production motorcycle that money could buy. It was rare, expensive, exotic, and drop-dead gorgeous. Besides being fast, it also handled well thanks to Marzocchi suspension and Brembo brakes.

The present owner had it professionally tuned by a Laverda expert and inspected the bike in detail to repaired and replaced whatever was needed to get the Alberta certificated of safety done. The bike is pretty much perfect. The bike was appraised by a professional in Alberta for insurance purposes. The bike is located in the Crows Nest Pass area of southwest Alberta./


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