This beautiful 1979 Triumph T140D 750 Bonneville Special has only 10,000 original miles. It is an all original bike except for the exhaust – the 2 into 2 with the Burgess styles silencers give a throaty deep exhaust note. It was purchased in 2006 at 5800 miles. Paint on the underside of the frame was peeling and rusty, which was typical defect on these 1979 bikes so the current owner decided to do a full tear down to refinish frame, replate the fasteners, and checked the engine over.  The following upgrades were also done at that time for reliability and performance;

  • Megacycle high performance Cams 510-05 – boosts low/mid torque
  • New std compression pistons.
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft
  • High load main bearings
  • LP Williams 7 plate clutch conversion
  • Tri-Spark Ignition (replaced the dodgy Lucas Rita)
  • Extra tall gearing (21t / 45t)  at 2800rpm = 50MPH

It also has a new battery and it is an extremely well sorted, great running bike. At 60 mph it is glass smooth on the highway due to the balanced crank and tall gearing. It easily starts first kick with the Amal MKII carbs and lever choke (no tickling). The bike is located in Langley, BC and is offered at $7800.