The bike is in beautiful condition and riding it displays no glitches or mechanical issues. The bike is # 846 out of a total worldwide production of 952 of which Canada/USA received 300 of this production.The bike is often referred to as a Mark 1 with the most high end components used compared to later versions. These bikes have Marvic composite wheels and carbon fibre front fender, dry clutch etc. There is a Superlight registry on the ‘net which chronicles these bikes, the various Marks etc plus photo galleries. Aftermarket bits include a Corbin seat (stock seat available with bike), Fast by Ferracci complete exhaust system and an Ohlins rear shock (stock was a Showa).The bike needs nothing. The speedo was changed from a MPH one to a KMH one.  Owner confidently estimate the MILEAGE at around 8000 with the fitted metric speedo showing around 3000 Kms. Bike is full registered in sellers name and is located in Victoria BC.

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